F1 to have standardised wheels from 2021 onwards

07-12-2019 17:27
by Nicolás Quarles van Ufford
F1 to have standardised wheels from 2021 onwards

To prevent teams from gaining an advantage through wheel design, the FIA have opted to standardise the part, with BBS being chosen as the provider of rims from 2021 onwards.

Mercedes previously drilled little holes in their wheels to gain an aero advantage, giving the FIA another part of the car to look at in terms of regulations. The intention is to have more standardised parts in 2021 to both reduce costs as well as bringing the grid closer together, and wheels will be one of them now. Currently, teams are allowed to produce their own wheels.

German company BBS will be providing the rims for all of the grid, while Magnetti Marelli and Bosch will be providing fuel pumps.

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