Hamilton sets new record with 'Grand Slam' in Abu Dhabi

02-12-2019 14:26
by Matt Gretton
Hamilton sets new record with 'Grand Slam' in Abu Dhabi

Lewis Hamilton dominated the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix to round-off another F1 world championship-winning season. Having pulled a 1.6-second gap in the opening lap, Hamilton's position was never in down and he has set another record in his name. 

Hamilton achieved the sixth 'Grand Slam' of his F1 career. This means he won the race, got pole position, set the fastest lap and led every single lap of the race. Michael Schumacher only did this five times. 

With his sixth, Hamilton moves clear of both Schumacher and Alberto Ascari in the number of grand slams. Fellow British driver Jim Clark leads the way with eight grand slams set in the 1960s. 

In addition to this, Hamilton became the driver with the biggest points tally in a single Formula 1 season. Through the 21 races, Hamilton scored 413 points. He is also the first driver to score points in every race of the season for the second time in his career. He also did this in 2017. 

It should be noted that some of these records are difficult to compare with other generations. In modern F1, there are more races and more points available per race. 


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