Lewis Hamilton on Toto Wolff's future: "He has been the perfect match"

27-11-2019 12:34
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Lewis Hamilton on Toto Wolff's future: He has been the perfect match

Lewis Hamilton is worried what a Mercedes F1 team without Toto Wolff would like. The six-time world champion has said that if Wolff leaves the team then he will have to think seriously about his own future at Mercedes. The two have a very strong relationship and it seems that this will be a deciding factor on what team he ends his career with. 

“It’s a difficult one because I’m always supportive of everyone within my team,” Hamilton said to RaceFans when asked about Wolff's future and his own. “I know that being stuck in a position for too long can also not always be positive.

“So I always want people to constantly spread their wings and do what is best for their careers. I don’t know what that is for him. He will know.

“But I also know that as a figurehead of a business, you’ve got to have the right people in place. He is and has been the right person, he has been the perfect match. So naturally, I don’t want him to leave, particularly if I’m staying in the sport. But again, ultimately, that’s going to be his choice.

“If you look at some places, what has been built will continue for a period of time. But then a new person that comes in will then start doing things their way and, most likely, more often or not, could go the wrong way.

“But again, this team is not one person. It’s a huge group of people. And they’re not going to be leaving, in general, so they will still be able to do the job they do. That is important for me.”

Wolff's future is yet to be determined but it seems likely that he will remain at the helm of Mercedes as they look to continue their dominance. 

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