Juan Manuel Correa recovering "faster than normal"

21-11-2019 18:41
by Adam Newton
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Juan Manuel Correa recovering faster than normal

Juan Manuel Correa says he is recovering faster than normal as he aims to return to racing following his horrific leg injuries. Correa suffered awful injuries to his right leg following a crash during the opening laps, which resulting in the tragic passing of Anthoine Hubert.

Correa underwent huge surgery to essentially rebuild his right leg, and faces a lengthy recovery period before he can get back to racing.

He told Mundo Sport: “I lost six centimeters of bone in the lower part of the tibia, it is growing again with a special device, that’s why I have all those metals pieces around my leg that you see in social media.

"I grow the bone by one millimeter per day. On December 23 I have the next surgery where the bone will reach the foot. Then process will come where the new bone will get strengthen hard so it can support weight.

"After that the metals will be removed to recover as much as possible, and assess how much pain or mobility I have and see what other operations follow.

“At the beginning the doctors expected two years to make the recovery, but my body is doing everything faster, it recovers and regenerates the bones faster than normal. Being optimistic, in a year we could have the full idea of ​​how much more I can recover or if I will get just to there."

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