Hamilton adamant that he didn't join F1 for the money

21-11-2019 08:54
by Tom Mason
Hamilton adamant that he didn't join F1 for the money

Lewis Hamilton has won six world championships now but is sure that he's not in the sport for the money. The Brit has won 83 races as a driver and he will go down as one of the greatest ever drivers.

"The thing is I never got into it for money. "Of course it is great that piles up - no problem. That is a bonus," Hamilton told BBC Sport.

"As long as those things don't become the lead factor of what I do.

"The core of what I do is that I love racing. I love the challenge. I love arriving knowing I have got these incredibly talented youngsters who are trying to beat me and outperform me, outsmart me, and I love that battle that I get into every single year.

"And I am working with these guys [his Mercedes engineers] who are so much smarter than me and they make me feel smarter. When I am challenging them and proving them wrong so many times, it is unreal."

Hamilton has collected ten wins in 2019, which has resulted in him picking up 387 points to be well clear at the top of the standings.

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