David Coulthard believes Mattia Binotto can fix Ferrari's issues

19-11-2019 18:40
by Louis Shaw
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David Coulthard believes Mattia Binotto can fix Ferrari's issues

David Coulthard has backed Mattia Binotto to sort out Ferrari's problems before the start of next season. The Italian boss is in his first season as Ferrari leader and has had to learn the challenges of managing a formula 1 team the hard way. 

The relationship between their two drivers seems fragile and Binotto is going to have to work hard to fix it. 

“I think Mattia [Binotto] has the strength of character and enough history within Ferrari to sit them down and say ‘look guys, this isn’t acceptable’,” Coulthard told Channel 4.

“It’s subtle, but the facts are the facts, you cannot deny the facts otherwise definitely the relationship is all over.

“I think they will shake hands, but you’re dealing with two different people in two different phases of their life, never mind their career.

“Right now Charles doesn’t know what he doesn’t know at 21. He hasn’t got the life experience of Seb, so he’ll just be like ‘okay, I’m not going to put myself in that position again’.

“And in the case of Seb, he knows he’s running out of time. Does he have enough time left in his career to be able to get a World Championship at Ferrari?”

The fact that they have two drivers at different ends of their careers has made things tough. Both want to be the number one and prove that they are faster than the other. 

It will be interesting to see how Ferrari manage to the situation and if they have to bring in some tough team orders to ensure they don't crash into each other. 

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