Hamilton: "Massive apologies to Albon"

17-11-2019 19:34 | Updated: 17-11-2019 19:47
by Adam Newton
F1 News
Hamilton: Massive apologies to Albon

Lewis Hamilton has apologised to Alex Albon for making contact in the dying laps at the Brazilian Grand Prix, ruining the Thai driver's chance of a first podium in the sport. Albon was running P2 when Hamilton sent an optimistic move up the inside in the middle sector, tapping Albon's rear right and sending him into a spin.

Albon eventually finished P14, and Hamilton lost a position to Pierre Gasly, and may lose even more if he is given a penalty for the crash.

He told Rubens Barrichello after the race: "Max did a great job - he was very fair the way he positioned the car. Massive apologies to Albon - the gap was there but it was completely my fault.

"They did a fantastic job, they outperformed us on the straights - he raced my heart out and took a lot of risks today, as you could see.

"We threw every and the kitchen sink at it. We could keep up through the corners but on the straights I don't think there was anything we could do."

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