Verstappen leads Gasly in Honda one-two in Brazil as Ferraris take each other out!

17-11-2019 18:56 | Updated: 17-11-2019 19:01
by Nicolás Quarles van Ufford
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Verstappen leads Gasly in Honda one-two in Brazil as Ferraris take each other out!

Max Verstappen has won the Brazilian Grand in a sensational Honda one-two as Pierre Gasly got his first-ever podium in Formula 1, with the Frenchman incredibly finishing second for Toro Rosso.

Verstappen opted to pit for new tyres when the Safety Car came out for the retired Valtteri Bottas, conceding track position but getting out on fresher, softer tyres. A sensational move around the outside into the Senna esses gave the Dutchman the lead again.

The drama wasn't done there, however, as the two Ferraris took each other out on the back straight into turn four, ending both Charles Leclerc as well as Sebastian Vettel's races. 

Hamilton, who came in for fresh tyres after the second Safety Car dropping him to fourth, made a move on Alex Albon for third place on the penultimate lap but made contact with the Thai driver, spinning him out and erasing his chances of getting his first-ever podium. 

Gasly, who snuck into second place because of the drama around him, had to fight off Hamilton for the final lap and drag-raced the Brit side by side to the checkered flag, but the Honda engine just about stayed ahead as Gasly took a very unlikely podium for Toro Rosso.

Bottas' DNF kicks things off

With less than 20 laps to go, Bottas' power unit started malfunctioning, with the engine seemingly overheating from closely following Leclerc around for several laps as he tried to overtake the Monegasque, who was on harder and older tyres.

A Safety Car came out and drama ensued. Verstappen opted go in for new rubber, meaning Hamilton stayed out and took track position. When the race continued, the 22-year-old Verstappen went for a sensational pass on the six-time champion around the outside of turn 1.

Drama at Ferrari

As the race unfolded again, another Safety Car was needed shortly after, with the two Ferraris once again getting in each other's hair. Down the back straight, Leclerc pulled alongside Vettel into turn four, but the German nudged to the left and made contact with the other SF90, giving both drivers punctures and ending their races.

Only six laps to go. Suddenly, Albon is in second because Hamilton pitted and Gasly was third. Carlos Sainz, who started from the back, was fifth, and the two Alfa Romeo's were sixth and seventh.

Then, when the race got back underway, Hamilton went for a move on Albon and the two made contact, spinning the Thai out and dropping him all the way down to 14th place. Heartbreak as Hamilton was put under investigation, the outcome of which will be made public after the race, but a penalty looks very likely.

Gasly took advantage and took P2 and fended off Hamilton on the final lap, with the afternoon ending in a drag race between the two down the main straight. Incredibly, Gasly finished second.

Behind the podium places, Sainz finished fourth, making up 16 places from where he started, and the two Alfa's followed suit. What a race!

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