Vettel jokingly hits back at Verstappen: "Red Bull pace a little bit suspicious!"

16-11-2019 21:33
by Nicolás Quarles van Ufford
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Vettel jokingly hits back at Verstappen: Red Bull pace a little bit suspicious!

Ferrari star Sebastian Vettel has jokingly hit back at Max Verstappen for his comments in the United States, with the German saying the Red Bull's pace in Brazil was "a little bit suspicious".

Vettel is referencing to Verstappen calling out Ferrari two weeks ago, when he suggested the team's lack of pace on the weekend was because they stopped cheating.

Although Verstappen himself secured pole position this weekend in Brazil, Vettel was right behind the Dutchman in P2, and after complimenting Red Bull on their great pace on the day, he couldn't help but clapping back at his young rival.

"We have to admit that we were beaten fair and square today," the 32-year-old Vettel said at the press conference.

"It was a bit of a surprise, not to see them quick, but to see them that quick on the straights. A little bit suspicious!" he joked with a big smile.

When analysing what the difference was between himself and pole position, Vettel was left puzzled with Red Bull's new-found pace on the straights.

"We've seen a lot of qualifying sessions when we were always a bit faster than everyone on the straights and losing a bit in the corners.

"But today we were as quick, or Max and Alex were as fast, on the straights.

"That's about it. I don't know why. We didn't do anything different."

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