Max Verstappen on his positive relationship with Honda

16-11-2019 08:28
by Louis Shaw
F1 News
Max Verstappen on his positive relationship with Honda

Red Bull Racing have been pleased with how their first season with the Honda engine has gone this year. They have won races and been on the podium but will need to step up again if they are to launch a genuine bid for the world championship in 2020. 

"It just wasn't good," said Max Verstappen to Ziggo Sport recalling the start of the relationship. "But they [Honda] have worked hard on that. It is always the same procedure. It is not that I cannot start from one year to the next. 

"I just have to do the same and they have to make it work," he added. "We still have to see if things are going well again, but the last few races were positive."

Both Honda and Verstappen will be looking to step up and try to improve over the winter break before the start of next season. 

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