Horner believes new rules for 2021 should bring "better racing"

14-11-2019 10:33
by Tom Mason
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Horner believes new rules for 2021 should bring better racing

Aston Martin Red Bull Racing Team Principal Christian Horner believes that the new rules for 2021 and beyond will cause for better racing and make the gap between the field shorten.

Several new rules and changes have been set out for 2021 in recent weeks including better-looking cars, fairer finances, fewer upgrades and revises race weekends.

"The concept is interesting and should bring better racing, in which the cars catch up closer to the frontman and easier to overtake," Horner told Speedweek.

"But the whole package is not mature yet, the cars will be completely different. There will still have to be many clarifications in detail.

Currently, the top three teams have a major advantage over the rest with fourth-placed McLaren 245 points behind Red Bull Racing who are in third.

From next season, there will be 22 races on the schedule, but Horner feels increasing this by much more would cause problems.

"This is going to be very tough. Next year with 22 races, we try to make up for it with fewer tests. But at some point, oversaturation threatens. I think 21 is optimum."

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