Grosjean left impressed with 2021 F1 car: "Very happy with looks"

13-11-2019 19:27
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Grosjean left impressed with 2021 F1 car: Very happy with looks

As we edge closer to the end of the 2019 F1 season, preparations and attention turn towards 2020. But with the rule and regulation overhaul set to hit the sport in 2021, one eye is focused two seasons into the future. Romain Grosjean is impressed with what he has seen so far and doesn't mind the predicted drop in speed.  

The 2021 rules and regulations were announced in the build-up to the United States Grand Prix but it's still at the forefront of the drivers' minds as we move into the Brazilian Grand Prix. The Frenchman has had two weeks to look at the car and he makes his views clear. 

“I think they look cool. I think they look futuristic without being away from what Formula One has been known for as a racecar. I’m very happy with the way they look. Performance-wise, we’ll need to wait and see what the track brings and if it’s got all the desired effects. Generally, I’m pleased with what I’ve seen so far," the Haas driver said. 

Currently, F1 cars have been setting the lap records on most tracks. But that might not be the same in 2021 with additional weight and a number of other factors. Grosjean isn't bothered by this as long as the aim of better racing is achieved. 

“At the moment, every time you get behind a car you lose a lot of downforce, then you slide. It’s something you expect, but then the surface of the tires overheat and you completely lose grip. You can’t attack. If we don’t lose so much downforce then, hopefully, the tires won’t overheat as much, and therefore we’ll be able to stay closer and get more passing. That’s the idea and it should be OK," Grosjean added. 

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