Verstappen and colleagues happy with failing plan "Always been against it"

25-10-2019 13:12
by Matt Gretton
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Verstappen and colleagues happy with failing plan Always been against it

Three of the 22 Grands Prix during the 2020 F1 calendar would have had a sprint race to determine the order of the starting grid for Sunday's race rather than the traditional qualifying session. This plan has seemingly been placed in the bin after it didn't get enough support from the drivers. 

Max Verstappen was one of the racers who didn't see much in the sprint races in three Grands Prix. “I was always against it. I think many, many people were," Verstappen said in an interview with RaceFans

“It would be very strange and too artificial, I would say. I think it’s always interesting when there is a mix up in the grid. But it wouldn’t be as interesting if it’s done artificially by swapping the grid. I think that would just not feel the same," Kevin Magnussen added to the debate. 

Magnussen's Haas teammate, Romain Grosjean is the leader of the Grand Prix Drivers' Association (GPDA). He also shares the views of Magnussen and Verstappen. 

“I just don’t think it is in the DNA of Formula 1. We believe [the] GPDA and all the drivers and it’s my point of view also, that there is different things that can be done to have a really good racing and no need of artificial reverse grids," Grosjean said. 

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