Albon wants to move out of parents house with Red Bull deal

23-10-2019 17:20
by Tom Mason
Albon wants to move out of parents house with Red Bull deal

Alex Albon is hoping to earn a new deal with Aston Martin Red Bull Racing which will enable him to move out of his parent's house. The 23-year-old currently lives in Milton Keynes with his Mum, stepfather, three sisters and brother.

London-born Albon completed the move up to Red Bull Racing earlier in the season when he replaced Pierre Gasly who was moved down to Toro Rosso

 The 23-year-old recorded his best-ever F1 finish in Japan, coming through in fourth to grow his enhancing reputation as a driver. 

 “Hopefully in years to come I will earn more money and be able to move out,” Albon told PA. “At the minute I am housebound, family housebound.

 “Milton Keynes is a nice town and close to the Red Bull factory, but how do I say this? There are other places out there

 "Maybe I need to live somewhere else and have a more extravagant lifestyle?

 “I would definitely like to go to London. I have been thinking about it, but, again, it is about money. I need to score some bonus points.”

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