Verstappen gives nothing away on his team post 2020!

20-10-2019 09:26
by Adam Newton
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Verstappen gives nothing away on his team post 2020!

Max Verstappen says that he is unsure about his future at Aston Martin Red Bull Racing, especially given the uncertainties over the 2021 rules, which are set to be released sooner or later. Verstappen is about to enter his fourth season with the Austrian team in 2020, but has never been able to challenge for the title with the team.

Red Bull were dominant in the years pre-hybrid, winning four drivers' and constructors' titles on the bounce with Sebastian Vettel, before Mercedes took over in 2014 and have been crushing the competition ever since.

Despite this, Verstappen still believes he can be champion with Red Bull Racing in 2020, but has not ruled out a move for the year after.

He said at a Tag Heuer event in Amsterdam: “I don't know. Of course, I still have a contract for next year, and after that there are also new regulations, which haven’t been signed off yet. So actually everybody is dealing with that question of what they are going to do. So I think I'm not the only one in that respect."

“Everybody wants to win, in the end, so you always want to drive for the fastest team. But I believe that we [Red Bull] can be there again as a team. 

"Of course they have already won four [championships], in a row, and we just started a new partnership with Honda and that just takes some time. That's why the goal should be next year. Then we really have to show it. And then we'll see what happens next.”

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