Verstappen hopes new fuel will be "worth something" in bid to catch top teams

06-10-2019 16:50 | Updated: 09-10-2019 11:44
by Louis Shaw
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Verstappen hopes new fuel will be worth something in bid to catch top teams

ExxonMobill supplies fuel to Aston Martin Red Bull Racing under the Esso brand and are bringing an upgrade to the Japanese Grand Prix. Max Verstappen is hopeful that the upgrade will help get a better performance out of his Honda engine. 

Formula 1 fuels are often altered and adjusted several times per year but Red Bull Racing have used the same type all season. With the new Spec 4 engine, it is expected that a significant performance boost could come from using a different type of fuel. 

“Over the years, updates in gasoline have delivered the most to every engine supplier. We also expect something from it, although we'll have to wait and see how much performance it will exactly give us," said Verstappen to

"I don't think the rest [of the field] will be introducing many more upgrades."

Red Bull Racing will be hoping that they can get a significant boost from their new fuel and that they can bridge the gap to Ferrari and Mercedes. 

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