Isola doesn't want any tyre restrictions during practice in 2021

25-09-2019 17:23
by Matt Gretton
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Isola doesn't want any tyre restrictions during practice in 2021

Currently, Formula 1 teams can use any tyre compound they wish to use during free practice. However, the 2021 season may put a change to this as one suggestion includes a limitation of tyres for practice. It would see one of the three sets banned during practice, but Mario Isola doesn't want this. 

The idea of this suggestion is to give teams less data for race day and qualifying. But Pirelli boss insists that teams and drivers must be given as much time as possible with the 2021 tyres because of the difference. 

"In 2021 we will have completely new tyres, that means that teams need also time to understand the tyres. There was a discussion about the possibility to use only specific compounds in free practice, not to give the opportunity to the teams to collect too much information, to add a bit of unpredictability to the race on Sunday," Isola told

"But that means for teams with young drivers, that's a big disadvantage. It is maybe possible for 2020 because we have a size of a tyre and a type of tyre that is well known to the teams. But in 2021 with the 18 inches and a car that is completely new, we are in an area of unknown, it means that for young drivers it will be very, very difficult."

As well as this, Isola highlighted the reduction in test days. The amount of time on the track outside of a race weekend will be reduced because of the 22 race schedule making its Formula 1 debut in 2020. 

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