Formula 1 cars in 2021 will have more "elegant and dramatic front and rear wings"

24-09-2019 16:09
by Matt Gretton
Formula 1 cars in 2021 will have more elegant and dramatic front and rear wings

According to the information shared with the Formula 1 teams on Monday 24 September, the 2021 F1 cars will have more futuristic-looking front and rear wings. They're described to be more elegant and dramatic after the recent changes following the first images of the 2021 car in a wind tunnel. 

For now, the images of the updated car haven't been shared with the public, but the Formula 1 website reports a different direction has been taken with the design. Apparently, the front wing is "more robust and no longer straight". The endplates will instead be pointing upwards dramatically "more like the wing tip on a passenger plane". 

Wind tunnel testing is ongoing and if possible, they'd like to narrow the 2 meters wide front wing. But that'll only be done if it doesn't negatively impact the turbulence.

The concept, with the codename "lima", is a result of months of testing. The guidelines are still expected to be published in October in order to give teams and drivers enough time to prepare themselves for the 2021 season. 

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