Kimi Raikkonen believes home-race in Finland is "possible" with financial backing

15-09-2019 09:20
by Bobby Vincent
Kimi Raikkonen believes home-race in Finland is possible with financial backing

Alfa Romeo Racing driver Kimi Raikkonen believes the possibility of a home-race in Finland is "possible" as long as it gets the necessary financial backing.

The Kymiring has recently been finished and even hosted a short MotoGP test at the track. It holds an FIA Grade One license, which is necessary to host a Formula 1 Grand Prix.

Raikkonen, born in Finland, has insisted he would be very happy to see F1 come to his home country whether it's at the Kymiring or even the streets of one of the country's big cities.

"I've seen a video of the bikes going around," Raikkonen said, as quoted by "I always said many years ago, the only issue is the money. I'm sure we can race in the middle of Helsinki if someone puts the money down.

"That's the only issue. Now it looks like we have a track, I don't know if it's homologated for F1 yet, it's for the bikes so it must be safe in many areas. It's possible. It's just a matter of somebody taking care of the cost. If that happens, that's great.

"I don't know, I don't really look so much on the past. I had a great time there, I was many years there, we won championships, a couple of team championships.

"It's great to be part of the history and I'm always talking with them when I see (them), so do I miss it? I'm okay where I am now and I have no issues with them."

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