Max Verstappen: "I'm the most complete driver in Formula 1"

14-08-2019 13:04 | Updated: 14-08-2019 13:30
by Louis Shaw
Max Verstappen: I'm the most complete driver in Formula 1

Max Verstappen is one of the fastest drivers on the grid and he knows it. The Red Bull driver believes that he is the most "complete driver" on the grid and believes that he has a strong future ahead of him. Verstappen is one of only three drivers to win a race this season and is destined to become a world champion in the future. 

Verstappen has real talent and has shown real maturity over the past season, racing with a cooler head and putting in more consistent performances. 

“I started out quite young, so I think that's pretty normal. Most other drivers started with Formula 1 on their 21st or 22nd,” he told

“If you look at the entire grid, I don't think that many people are more complete, even though they are 29 or 30 years old.

"What do I base that on? Speed, being consistent, how you work with the team: those are the most important things.”

The Dutchman will hope that his team can continue to provide him with a fast car and that he can win some more trophies to prove that he is the most "complete driver" on the grid. 


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