Four good races but it's "not all good now"

11-08-2019 12:26
by Adam Newton
Four good races but it's not all good now

Guenther Steiner has warned F1 fans and bosses that four good races doesn't mean the sport is fixed, as we head into the summer break on a high after four entertaining events.

Following the French Grand Prix, there were serious concerns about the show F1 put on for fans, but since then, the Austrian, British, German and Hungarian Grands Prix have all been good spectacles.

However, despite the positive feeling heading into the summer break, Steiner has warned that not everything is perfect all of a sudden.

According to, the Haas boss said: "You need to be cautious that we had good shows and never forget that we don't want to kill it, because we had four good shows.

"We still need to make it better in general, you know, level playing field, because this can be the most exciting sport in the world, in my opinion, so we never have to forget that.

"Not that because we had four good races it's all good now. Somebody is having a billion [dollar] budget, and living in this dream world. We had four good ones, but there is always the risk that we'll have four bad ones. Then we complain. We are too reactive.

"You need to keep I think the bigger picture in mind. Yeah, we had four good ones, thank you, but we want 21 or 22 of those. That's what I would be doing, trying to focus on that one. To have them all good and work towards it."

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