Pierre Gasly and Romain Grosjean oppose F1 testing cuts

09-08-2019 09:27
by Matt Gretton
Pierre Gasly and Romain Grosjean oppose F1 testing cuts

With the likelihood of the 2020 Formula 1 season featuring a record 22 races, Liberty Media suggested that the number of tests days ahead of the season might be reduced. Both Pierre Gasly and Romain Grosjean are not pleased with that news. 

The current winter testing regime lasts for eight days spread across two weeks. Grosjean says this number is already too small and further reducing it wouldn't help anyone involved in Formula 1. 

"Two-times-four days was already very little. Winter testing is great: For the teams, for the fans, for everyone. The fans can come, they can see much more. I think winter testing is cool. I'm not in favour of reducing it," Grosjean told RaceFans. 

Pierre Gasly says he'd like more test days ahead of each Formula 1 season. He also wants to increase the number of test days ahead of the season but admits a compromise needs to be found.

"For me, I like driving F1 cars so if there could be 10, 12 days it would be great. After that, I think you need to find a compromise [for] the people. At the end of the day it takes a lot of people to run the car, mechanics, engineers to get everything ready," Gasly also told RaceFans. 

“I think in the past it was clearly a lot more intense and probably too much. Now I think with eight days it seems to be quite good so I will not put any less.”


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