Red Bull to "urgently" look into "terrible" starts

30-07-2019 15:29
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Red Bull to urgently look into terrible starts

Max Verstappen may have won the German Grand Prix, but that disguised the poor start both Red Bull drivers made. Christian Horner has spoken out on the issues they faced and praised both drivers for their responses to the difficulties.

Verstappen kept his cool at the Hockenheimring to claim his second win in three races. However, the Dutchman had to recover from a poor start and spinning out to win the German Grand Prix. Pierre Gasly meanwhile also had a bad start but didn't recover to the same extent as Verstappen as he retired from the race, becoming one of seven drivers to not see the chequered flag.

Following Red Bull's second win of the season, Horner praised the responses the drivers made to adversity

"It was terrible. Both cars had a problem at the start, so we have to look at it urgently," Horner said as quoted by

"Max and Pierre nevertheless kept themselves strong. Max quickly gathered himself and appeared behind Mercedes again. Pierre fell further back, but progressed to he again went wrong."

Horner also revealed a potential reason behind the challenging start, adding: "I think that was the reason (mapping).

"It has to do with a number of things that we have done and we have to try to solve together with Honda. It could be similar to the situation in Austria, so we need to understand how we can do that appearance."

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