Hamilton wants drivers to have more say on the Formula 1 calendar

20-07-2019 08:04
by Matt Gretton
Hamilton wants drivers to have more say on the Formula 1 calendar

Lewis Hamilton would like Formula 1 and Liberty Media to discuss which circuits the sport will visit with the current drivers. The five-time world champion says that the drivers know which circuits produce the best racing and this discussion will make the sport more attractive to watch. 

After two good races in Austria and Britain, Formula 1 is back in the good books after a boring French Grand Prix. Before a wheel is even turned, Hamilton insists he knows which circuits will make for a boring race, and asks for these circuits to drop off the F1 schedule. 

"I don't know who exactly makes the selection and I also realize that not every country has countless circuits, but some of the courses that they have selected for the future will not produce great races," Hamilton explained to Motorsport.com

"In addition, there are [events] on the calendar that are not great at the moment. Because we know better than anyone else which courses you can and cannot properly race. We have [and get] places on the calendar where you cannot follow each other and it is just a procession. What would you rather: go to a certain country purely because you want to race in that country or a great race like this one in here Silverstone?"

Particularly with the last part of Hamilton's statement, his Mercedes teammate agrees with him. Valtteri Bottas says he's sure some races just exist for money and political reasons, rather than putting Formula 1 first. 

"I am sure that many courses are on the calendar purely for political reasons and money, rather than considering whether or not it will lead to great races. From our perspective, that is a shame, because we love racing," Bottas said. 

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