Ross Brawn believes that lighter cars would "turn the clock back" on Formula 1

18-07-2019 08:41
by Louis Shaw
Ross Brawn believes that lighter cars would turn the clock back on Formula 1

Ross Brawn has responded to the calls for lighter cars stating that it would not be possible in the hybrid area of Formula 1. Formula 1's Managing Director believes that removing the hybrid element of the cars would be "taking a backward step" and that there are instead other things which should be done first in the 2021 rule changes. 

“There are some things we can’t turn the clock back on,” he said to RaceFans.

“We’ve got a very, very impressive engine. But it’s pretty complicated and it’s pretty heavy. The cars have got heavier, we’d all love the cars to be lighter.

“It is frustrating when everyone says ‘oh, we must have much lighter cars’. Well, you can tell me how to do it. We’d love to do it. But we have a car and a battery system and an Energy Recovery System that, unless we abandon it completely, we’re never going to get the cars in a different regime.”

Formula 1 cars used to be a lot lighter but in the modern era, there seems to be no way of doing this without radically changing the engines. InsteadFOrmula 1 will look to introduce rules like refuelling so that we can see some fast racing. 

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