Lewis Hamilton says it's "hard for F1 fans to relate" to the drivers

11-07-2019 11:15 | Updated: 11-07-2019 11:25
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Lewis Hamilton says it's hard for F1 fans to relate to the drivers

Lewis Hamilton has responded to the people who say he is only a World Champion because he has been lucky with the car he has. The Mercedes driver thinks that because the normal F1 fans can't go and drive the cars, there is a distance between the drivers and that people do not understand how difficult the sport is. 

“Everyone has a right to their own opinions. It doesn’t dictate to me whether I’m doing a good or bad job," Hamilton said to RaceFans

“It’s a difficult sport for people to have the correct answer to that because there’s only 20 of us that are driving these cars and no one in the public domain or even you guys can have the privilege of going and driving the car like we drive the car in the heat of the moment like we do. Which is a shame.

“You can’t go and get into a Formula 1 car and do a lap like I can do a lap and say ‘yeah, that felt like Lewis did it’. So it’s a little bit harder to relate to and see the nuances and the differences and the edge that we’re on. But then there are people that admire it just because it is a whole spectacle and technology they do understand.”

Formula 1 is a sport which requires extreme driving ability but also if you are to win you have to be part of a strong team. It is hard to criticize a driver who has won World Championships with two teams as he must be able to drive well to accomplish this. 

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