Raikkonen: F1 doesn't feel different to how it used to be

06-07-2019 12:44
by Jake Williams-Smith
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Raikkonen: F1 doesn't feel different to how it used to be

Kimi Raikkonen believes that Formula 1 doesn't feel different to when he started in the sport back in 2001.

The Finn began his career at Sauber and has experienced a whirlwind of development bar his time away from F1 in the World Rally Championship in 2010 and 2011.

Raikkonen, now the oldest driver on the grid at 39-years of age, believes that prior comments made by Lewis Hamilton, that the sport had changed and cars were easier to drive currently than over a decade ago, were wide of the mark.

"Is it harder now or less hard? It's impossible to say. When you start thinking 10 years back the memory plays games and you can't [remember properly]," Raikkonen told Motorsport.com.

"Maybe it's not the same. If you asked me 10 years ago I'd say 'it's OK' because it's all about how you get used to it. When you come after the winter and you drive, you see whether it's hard or not because your neck is basically done after 20 laps and it feels awful.

"But the second test, you have a little bit of pain here and there and then you get used to it. It's like any sport you do, you get used to what you do and it doesn't feel hard."

"I don't think it felt any different in the earlier days."

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