Lando Norris hopes McLaren can bridge the gap to Red Bull

05-07-2019 13:56
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Lando Norris hopes McLaren can bridge the gap to Red Bull

Lando Norris believes that McLaren are still a way off racing Red Bull but thinks that there will be opportunities to race them throughout the season. Both Norris and Carlos Sainz have been able to get the better of Pierre Gasly on occasion but they will be wanting to race Max Verstappen and beat both of their drivers. McLaren are currently the fastest midfield team but they will be looking to bridge the gap to the top teams. 

Norris is hopeful that his team will be able to compete alongside Red Bull at a number Grand Prix's over the season. 

"Maybe some places, Monza maybe," Norris was quoted by "I don't know, on average we're getting a little bit closer.

"But I'm pretty sure in the race pace we're a long way away from them. In qualifying, maybe we can have some attempts.

"They're still the much quicker car, maybe not altogether the best car but their car is much quicker than ours in the corners.

"In the race, they have better tyre wear and their race pace is better. They're losing in the straights and some tracks that will be highlighted than others."

There is a big gap from the midfield to the top three teams but McLaren will hope that they can try to close the gap from the midfield. 

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