Andrew Green: Racing Point inherited issues from Force India

05-07-2019 13:02
by Louis Shaw
Andrew Green: Racing Point inherited issues from Force India

Racing Point's technical engineer Andrew Green believes that some of the problems the team has been faced with this season have been inherited from Force India, the team that they took over. Racing Point have some upgrades due and they will hope to see the benefit of these over the next few Grand Prix's. 

Racing Point have struggled to perform this season and have not secured as many points as they would have hoped. They are currently 7th in the Constructors Championship and will be wanting to climb up the table as soon as possible. 

The team took over from Force India last year and they believe that some of the problems that they are dealing with have been passed on from the previous team. 

"The midfield is incredibly tight," Racing Point's Andrew Green said to Autosport"It only takes very small margins to move you from one end of the field to the other.

"The car has got some balance issues that we started the season with and really I think that's a bit of a legacy of where we finished off last year and where we were as a company, position-wise.

"We've got a lot of changes coming ahead in the next few races and beyond, after the break as well."

The team will hope that the upgrades are successful and that they can start battling for points more regularly. 

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