Ross Brawn praises Austrian GP for "impeccable organisation" and "fantastic crowd"

02-07-2019 16:39 | Updated: 02-07-2019 16:39
by Matt Gretton
Ross Brawn praises Austrian GP for impeccable organisation and fantastic crowd

The Austrian Grand Prix certainly delivered on track, but Ross Brawn also acknowledges the "impeccable organisation" and the "fantastic crowd" which graced the Formula racing weekend. 

The Formula 1 boss understands that the sport is under criticism. The level of critics might have reached a new high after Sebastian Vettel's penalty in Canada and the boring race in France. The sport needed something to spark, and Brawn thanks the fans who really made it an occasion at the Red Bull Ring.

"Chiefly, though, the Austrian Grand Prix will be mainly remembered for its impeccable organisation and for a really fantastic crowd," Brawn said in his column on the Formula 1 website.

"Formula 1 often faces criticism for not being a good enough show but a crowd of 203,000 over the weekend, proves that it can still incite the interest of millions of fans and reward them with thrilling competition, not just in the main event, but also in its two feeder series."

Brawn also tipped his hat to the performance of McLaren. Carlos Sainz, who started from the back of the grid, scored points as well as his British teammate Lando Norris. They once again have a commanding lead over Renault in the battle for a fourth-place finish come December. 

"Another British team heading to its home race with heads held high will be McLaren. After years of suffering the team is back on track and has put together a string of results that makes it favourite for the fourth place, which is the most that the ‘normal’ teams can aspire to this year," Brawn added. 

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