Seidl: McLaren is finally making progress

28-06-2019 17:00
by Jake Williams-Smith
Seidl: McLaren is finally making progress

New McLaren team principal Andreas Seidl believes that the team is finally making progress towards the front of the field in Formula 1.

McLaren has endured a somewhat difficult period since the introduction of the hybrid power units, particularly with the ultimately disastrous reunion with Honda.

Now in 2019, having moved over to Renault power units, McLaren appears to be in much better shape, with new team boss Seidl saying the team's persistence is finally paying off.

Well, what did I find? Still early days, to be honest. It’s a big organisation," Seidl told media in Austria.

"I got a very warm welcome from the team from the beginning. It also helped to get started that, compared to last year, the team has made a huge step forwards with the car. So all the changes that have been initiated last year already are paying off.

"I’m still in the period of really analysing in detail what’s going on inside the team, to find the strong and the weak points inside the team in order to then work out a clear plan how I want to, let’s say, approach the future with the team.

"Obviously Zak and the shareholders gave me the clear task to work out, as quickly as possible any deficits I see, also on the infrastructure side.

"So, I was very happy to announce last week that we got this positive decision on the wind tunnel, which was a quite obvious deficit compared to the top teams.

So, very happy, it’s good to see that we are making steps, race by race now at the moment. It’s important for me to keep this positive journey going."

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