Brawn welcomes Hamilton comments on regulation changes for 2021

25-06-2019 08:30
by Bobby Vincent
Brawn welcomes Hamilton comments on regulation changes for 2021

Ross Brawn has praised Lewis Hamilton for his comments regarding Formula 1's plans for regulation changes for the 2021 season.

F1 has compromised with its team bosses regarding a deal where the regulations will change for the 2021 season, in an attempt to try and make the grid more competitive and therefore more entertaining for the supporters.

Hamilton was speaking after his rather comfortable victory in France on Sunday, and he revealed some of his concerns regarding the proposed changes for the '21 season.

The race at Circuit Paul Ricard was won by Hamilton - who started on pole - and finished almost 19 seconds in front of his nearest competitor and team-mate Valtteri Bottas. Brawn accepted that something needs to be done to improve the nature of the sport.

"We know well that Formula 1 needs to make an important change in direction if it wants to maintain its position as one of the most-followed sporting spectacles in the world," Brawn said.

"All of the key stakeholders - ourselves, the FIA and the teams - agree on the objectives and there is broad agreement on the major principles, such as the introduction of the budget-cap and a fairer distribution of the revenue, while on the technical aspects we, and the FIA, have worked together with engineers from all of the teams. It will be great to have an input directly from the drivers.

"Now we have to refine the details and we are happy that Lewis has expressed his faith in the work we are doing, including on topics such as the new circuits. For example, the new circuit in Vietnam has been specifically designed to create the conditions that promote spectacular racing and good passing moves."

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