Ferrari to review Leclerc's qualifying struggles

22-06-2019 12:37 | Updated: 22-06-2019 13:40
by Adam Newton
Ferrari to review Leclerc's qualifying struggles

Ferrari are set to launch an in-depth investigation into Charles Leclerc's disappointing qualifying pace and will try to work out why the Monegasque has had difficulties on Saturdays this season.

One of Leclerc's criticisms is that he does not string together a clean lap often enough when the pressure is on.

Despite taking a first pole position in Bahrain, Leclerc crashed in Azerbaijan and was knocked out in Q1 in Monaco, limiting his race performances.

It could just be a question of experience, but Ferrari is set to have a look at what they can do to help their young driver.

According to, Mattia Binotto, Ferrari boss said: “It is part down to his experience but certainly we can help him by going through simply what happened in the last qualifying sessions.

“[It is about] understanding, in terms of normal track development and how you may manage the car in terms of optimisations between Q1, Q2 and Q3. It is looking back at the data, looking back at what he did, looking back at what we did, and maybe comparing as well to Sebastian [Vettel] what you may learn.”

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