"I want to see tough wheel-to-wheel fighting out there" says Toto Wolff

18-06-2019 15:00
by Louis Shaw
I want to see tough wheel-to-wheel fighting out there says Toto Wolff

Toto Wolff has said that he wants to see more "wheel-to-wheel" action in Formula 1 and hopes that the 2021 rule changes allow for more racing. The Mercedes boss has been critical of the stewards and hopes that in the future the sport will become more exciting. 

When commenting on the incident with Sebastian Vettel, Wolff said that he is not happy with the rules.  

“The stewards decided was in accordance with the regulations but on the whole, I’m not happy with rules that prevent hard racing," Wolff said to Speed Week.

“However, if we want different decisions from the stewards, then we need different rules and we have to make sure that the rules from 2021 allow hard racing.

“I’d like to discuss this with the FIA, the teams and F1’s rights holders but without compromising on safety," the Mercedes chief stated.

“My understanding is that the fans should experience the racers as gladiators in their high-tech machines. I want to see tough wheel-to-wheel fighting out there." 

Fans will hope that the rule changes in 2021 will allow more racing action and that we see more wheel to wheel racing.  

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