Kubica believes he and Russell are driving in "two different worlds"

17-06-2019 08:47
by Matt Gretton
Kubica believes he and Russell are driving in two different worlds

The two Williams cars are parked at the back of the Formula 1 grid but Robert Kubica is further behind than his rookie teammate George Russell. While his sponsor doesn't rule out a team change for next year, Kubica claims the two drivers are in "two different worlds".

Out of the current teammate duels, no gap between two drivers is bigger than Rubica and Russell. The Polish driver tries to explain why in an interview with Prezeglad Sportowy.

"It's a combination of different things. I have some influence on some, as in two or three races I could have been in front of him. But other things happened that did not depend on me," Kubica said.

"In addition, George Russell is one of the bigger talents of the young generation, with very high skills. He has said the car is better and better, but I don't want to comment on that. It is his point of view."

Developments and upgrades have started to come out of the Williams factory. There's a hint that the British driver picks these up first, but Kubica isn't starting any fires.

"I have never driven George's car so I cannot judge, but you do not have to drive to see some things," he added.

"It can be said that we have sometimes driven in two different races, because the time difference on such a short lap as Canada, where there are seven corners, shows that there are two different worlds."

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