French GP organisation promises traffic issues have been resolved

13-06-2019 13:50
by Nicolás Quarles van Ufford
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French GP organisation promises traffic issues have been resolved

Eric Boullier, strategic advisor of the French Grand Prix and formerly McLaren team principal thinks the traffic problems of last year's race won't be repeated this year, as some fans missed on-track action at Paul Ricard because of immense traffic jams and congestions.

After a decade without a French Grand Prix, last season's race was met with a lot of enthusiasm by French fans all over the country. However, this led to terrible traffic in the roads leading to the Circuit Paul Ricard.

Boullier, who was still McLaren's Racing Director at the time, was recruited by the French Grand Prix shortly after he was let go of his role at the Woking-based team to help out for this year's event. CITEC, a company that specialises in traffic management, was also hired to help out for this year. 

“The approach to traffic management was very analytical,” Boullier said on the Formula 1's official website.

“The aim has been to reduce the number of cars on the road but also control the flow. Car parks are free now, so you don’t have to come in from Marseille, for example, and cross the track to get to the other side to park, therefore creating traffic. You can use any.

"We are managing the roads differently, too, multiplying the traffic flow capacity by three. All these things make us 100 percent comfortable we will be better off this year.”

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