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Binotto insists Ferrari haven't found cure for weaknesses yet

Binotto insists Ferrari haven't found cure for weaknesses yet

13-06-2019 10:00
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Bobby Vincent

Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto has insisted the weaknesses from previous races are still there, despite its improved form at the Canadian Grand Prix.

Sebastian Vettel qualified on pole for Sunday's race in Montreal, and the German dominated from start to finish in Canada, with race-winning pace - only for it to be taken away following an incident with Lewis Hamilton - resulting in Vettel receiving a five-second penalty.

The performance in Canada would've undoubtedly pleased Scuderia fans, but team boss Binotto has insisted the weekend has not permanently fixed the big problems that they suffered in previous races this season.

"We know it is a circuit that is more power-sensitive and it is rear limited not front (limited) like Barcelona," Binotto explained, as cited by Motorsport.com. "So it is more similar to a Bahrain than a Barcelona.

"We knew that coming here we would be closer to Mercedes, but how much closer I don't think we had any clue. I think the Friday performance relative to them was difficult, and the track improvement through the weekend, with more grip on the track, somehow we coped with the weaknesses we have.

"But the car as a matter of fact is exactly the same as it was in Spain. (There have been) no upgrades since then, so let's say the weaknesses we have are still here on the car. It is as simple as that.

"We need to work and try to improve, because there will be other races that are not Canada. We need to keep fighting and challenge them."

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