Verstappen believes Red Bull are "maximising our potential"

05-06-2019 18:06
by Matt Gretton
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Verstappen believes Red Bull are maximising our potential

Max Verstappen splits the two Ferrari drivers in the standings having had a positive start to the 2019 Formula 1 season. The Dutchman has so far recorded two podiums by beating both Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc in Australia and Spain.

The 21-year-old insists Red Bull Racing is "maximising our potential". He summarises the first third of the season and says performances have been positive.

"I think it’s been going quite well. We’ve maximised our results so far, so we can’t really complain. Of course, we always want to win and we’re not in a winning position yet, but we’re all pushing really hard to be able to do that soon," Verstappen told Red Bull Racing.

"The Team is third in the championship and we are just maximising our potential, which is always very positive, as most of the time there’s always something that goes wrong; it’s never that easy to nail everything, so I think we are doing quite well."

One of the most talked about changes during the winter was Red Bull's new partnership with Honda. Verstappen delivered their first podium since the Japanese manufacturer returned to the sport in Australia.

It wasn't entirely clear where Red Bull would be, but it's turned out well. Verstappen confirms he is happy with his engine.

"The relationship with Honda is working really well. The communication is good, and that’s always crucial in getting more performance from both parties.

"At the moment I’m just very happy with how everything is going. We are winners and at Honda, they are the same, so we are both pushing hard to become even more successful together," Verstappen added.

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