Charles Leclerc "mentally strong" after challenging few years

19-05-2019 19:42
by Louis Shaw
Charles Leclerc mentally strong after challenging few years

Charles Leclerc has not had an easy life but just by looking at him you wouldn't tell. The young Ferrari driver comes across as a genuine, kind person which is becoming rare in elite sports. Leclerc lost both his father and friend, Jules Bianchi in a short period of time but the racer has used it as motivation to live up to the expectation. 

“There have been moments that I wish never happened but they have made me grow as a driver and helped me,” he said to the Guardian. “The loss of my father and Jules. Two incredibly hard moments in my life that made me stronger as a person and a driver.

"Mentally I am stronger than I used to be. They definitely stay with you forever. Unfortunately, I lost my father quite early, it changes you. It changes you forever.”

Leclerc is naturally a blisteringly fast driver but things haven't clicked for him at Ferrari yet. Ultimately, Leclerc knows that there is more to life than Formula 1. 

“My values are that family is extremely important, a lot more than all of this,” he said. “I learned this partly when I lost my father and Jules. When your life is going well, motor sport is everything but after this I understood that family is the most important thing in life.”

Leclerc will hope to do his family proud by continuing to perform the way he has in his first season at Ferrari. 

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