Ferrari admits 2019 concept could be wrong

13-05-2019 17:55
by Jake Williams-Smith
Ferrari admits 2019 concept could be wrong

Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto has admitted that Ferrari's 2019 design concept could have led the team down the wrong path of development.

Although the Italian team appeared fastest of all during winter testing, it has been Mercedes who has outpaced everyone else, taking five straight one-two finishes to start the 2019 season.

Ferrari was one of several teams who opted for a unique front wing design that sloped downward rather than the more traditional design as seen on the Mercedes W10.

Speaking to media after another disappointing race at the Spanish Grand Prix, Binotto admitted that the team was yet to identify the problems with the SF90 and questioned whether the team's chosen concept was the correct path to go down.

"We are losing a lot in each corner, not only in the last sector," he admitted.

"In each single corner we are slow, quite a lot of understeer. Is that only downforce? Is it more than that? I think it's something we really need to analyse and understand.

"Any early conclusion would be wrong, it will take some days to really have some proper analysis and understand. Is it a matter of balance? Is it a matter of downforce? Is it a matter of different concepts? I don't think we have the answer yet.

"How long it will take [to fix] is difficult to answer. First we need to understand how to fix them and after that I'm pretty sure we can do it quickly."

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