Kimi Raikkonen's son is also interested in racing

06-05-2019 09:48 | Updated: 06-05-2019 15:28
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Kimi Raikkonen's son is also interested in racing

Kimi Raikkonen says his son Robin is interested in racing. The Formula 1 world champion will put him in a kart during the summer: "he is interested in racing, but engines are his preferred," sounds a slightly disappointed Kimi at Motorsport-Total.

“We will see if it stays that way. This summer I will put it in a go-kart and see if that has an effect. With children you just never know: one moment they want this, the other that. Regardless of the choice he makes, we will fully support him. Even if he decides to become a dancer, I don't care: as long as he has fun. Everything is better than hanging around despondently and having no future."

Robin Raikkonen is well set for life as a famous racing driver according to his father he's already picked up the English language well.

“His English is better than his Finnish, probably because of the English-language kindergarten. Who knows, maybe a word of German is added if we stay in Switzerland longer. In that regard, it is easier for children to learn something more than someone who is quite a bit older," Raikkonen added.

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