Mattia Binotto admits Mercedes is 'slightly better' than Ferrari

05-05-2019 11:01
by Louis Shaw
Mattia Binotto admits Mercedes is 'slightly better' than Ferrari

Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto has admitted that Mercedes have a 'slightly better' car than his team. However, he is confident that Ferrari are still in the fight and are not that far behind their rivals. 

"I think that, four races in the season, no win for Ferrari, four wins for Mercedes, no doubt that they are very strong, and certainly they've got, let me say, a slightly better car," Binotto said to Autosport after the Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

"But I think that the gap is not so big, and the points and the results are not reflecting the true potentials of the cars."

"I think that if you've got a car fast enough to score potentially the pole, you've got a good car overall," Binotto said.

"In the race, yes, we were not as fast as them, but we didn't finish 20 seconds behind.

"I think that Seb somehow at the end of the race was quite close, and if you look what the delta, lap time average, on the race, is significant but still little.

"I think it's something on which there is much to try to work and to close in in the near future."

Binotto will hope that Ferrari starts to perform and maybe get a bit of luck so that they can end Mercedes dominance with a race win in Spain. 

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