Jamie Chadwick wins first-ever W Series race at Hockenheim

04-05-2019 17:50
by Nicolás Quarles van Ufford
Jamie Chadwick wins first-ever W Series race at Hockenheim

Jamie Chadwick has become the winner of the first-ever W Series race, with the Brit taking the checkered flag after a perfect weekend at Hockenheim, winning all practice sessions and taking pole position before taking the win.

Chadwick's qualifying was quite dominant, as the 20-year-old was nearly two seconds clear of number two Fabienne Wohlwend at a soaking wet Hockenheimring.

However, Chadwick's start didn't go to plan, running very wide in the opening lap at one of the many hairpins of the circuit on a track that was still a bit wet. Sarah Moore, who started from third and had already passed Wohlwend for P2, took the opportunity to take the lead. A brilliant start from the 25-year-old.

After a safety car following a collision of Emma Kimilainen and Megan Gilkes, Chadwick attacked Moore to re-take the lead, and eventually did so. Sending one down the inside of Moore in the first sector of the track, Chadwick showed courage in the move as she went slightly off-track to complete the move. Moore dropped another place, with Alice Powell profiting of Moore's poor exit.

The afternoon got even worse for Moore, falling two more places after an individual mistake. Marta Garcia slipped into third, and the podium would stay that way until the checkered flag.

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