Billy Monger wants to get Formula 1 seat without any help

24-04-2019 17:31 | Updated: 24-04-2019 17:42
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Billy Monger wants to get Formula 1 seat without any help

Billy Monger's dream of being a Formula 1 driver remains a strong dream despite his life-changing crash. He insists he wants to make it into Formula 1 off his own back, without any extra assistance.

The 19-year-old, who has a good relationship with Lewis Hamilton, has returned to racing already. But in his typical style, that isn't enough, and he wants to push for a Formula 1 seat.

“If I want to be a professional driver and be in F1, I need to deliver results. That is what I will be judged on and that is how I want to be judged," he said in an interview with the Guardian.

“Lewis gave me support and spent time with me in the early days when I needed it. I respect him so much [but] I don’t want it to be the case where people see him always helping me, because I want to make it off my own back.”

Monger has already competed in the British Formula 3 series since his accident. During the season, he took two poles, four podiums and finished sixth in the standings.

His determination and comeback were recognised when he won BBC Sports Personality of the Year Helen Rollason Award for outstanding achievement in 2018. As always, Monger remains strong with his positive attitude.

"I can’t forget what happened but I try to think what it has taught me – and it has taught me a lot. If you want to do something with your life, you should do it. I know no one is going to do it for me. It has made me a bit more of a control freak because I want to achieve such great things," he added.

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