China fall-off blamed on tyres yet again by Haas

15-04-2019 19:22
by Nicolás Quarles van Ufford
China fall-off blamed on tyres yet again by Haas

After Haas yet again failed to convert a double Q3 appearance into points on Sunday, the team has blamed their Sunday struggles on the tyres, and their lack of understanding of it.

Failing to nurse the tyres sufficiently has been the American's main issue since entering in F1 in 2016. In 2019, apart from Mercedes and Ferrari, they're the only team to have made it to Q3 with both cars in all three rounds so far. Yet they haven't scored any points in either Bahrain or China. What's to blame for this?

“The car’s amazing over one lap, but as soon as we go two laps on the tyres, we’re not there anymore,” Romain Grosjean told

“We need to understand exactly what happened.”“We need to understand exactly what happened.”

“It’s frustrating that we see we’ve got a good car, that can qualify well, then we can’t convert that into race pace," his teammate Kevin Magnussen added.

Although the tyre struggles have haunted the team for years now, team principal Guenther Steiner vows to get it fixed for the next round in Baku.

"I hope we find something before Baku," he said. "At these types of race tracks, we can’t get energy into the tyre.

“We understood the problem after Bahrain but we couldn’t fix it in time for here, we still need to work on it. We’ll work hard this week to try and be prepared and then we’ll see in Baku.”

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