Brundle: "We have to accept that Mercedes is starting to dominate"

15-04-2019 12:06
by Matt Gretton
Brundle: We have to accept that Mercedes is starting to dominate

Three races into the 2019 Formula 1 season and Mercedes has produced a hatrick of one-two results. That sort of hatrick is rare and Martin Brundle tells fans to accept that Mercedes' dominance isn't coming to an end anytime soon.  

The Ferrari power package is perhaps on par or even ahead of the Silver Arrows, but in terms of downforce, the German team has nailed it. Sky Sports commentator and pundit, Brundle says we must accept the fact that Mercedes is in control.

"We've soon got to stop talking about Ferrari this, Ferrari that, Ferrari amazing power...because they are not delivering," Brundle said on Sky Sports.

"We have to accept that Mercedes are beginning to dominate this. Ferrari could and should have won in Bahrain, we must remember that. But in the cold light of day, Mercedes are comfortably leading both championships with three one-twos in three races."

Brundle believes Ferrari has a lot more power which they are unable to use. In Melbourne, the Ferrari was much slower than expected and it looked like they were backing off. Then when Charles Leclerc was blasting in Bahrain, something broke.

"I think Ferrari have got a load of power that they can't use. I don't know if it's heat management or reliability, but they seem as though they can turn it on. You suddenly see a top speed and think 'wow, that's incredible' -but they don't deliver it very often," Brundle added.

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