Max Verstappen says a "set up issue" caused poor performance in Bahrain

11-04-2019 18:07
by Louis Shaw
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Max Verstappen says a set up issue caused poor performance in Bahrain

Max Verstappen believes he knows what went wrong during the Bahrain Grand Prix. The Dutchman has blamed a setup issue for his relative lack of pace during the weekend. Red Bull believe that they know what went wrong and are confident that they will have a more competitive set up for China this weekend. Verstappen has revealed that the testing sessions in Bahrain were useful to help find the issue. 

"We understood already a lot in testing, and we also found out we made a mistake with the set-up, the whole week, unfortunately," he said to 

"That's how it goes. As long as we found it.

"I think if we could find a good balance within the car I think we could definitely be fighting closer, yeah. Then for sure, we would have finished third in Bahrain.

"It was anyhow windy throughout the whole weekend. I was never happy with the balance, always trying to get it, but we never got it.

"With what we found we could understand why we couldn't find a good balance."

"It's again a new Grand Prix, so a lot of things can happen. We just have to make sure that we are on top of what we can control. Then we'll see how competitive can be."

Red Bull have had a mixed season so far but will hope to improve in China and get both cars near the top.  

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