Toto Wolff always expected Charles Leclerc to shine bright

07-04-2019 14:49 | Updated: 07-04-2019 15:09
by Matt Gretton
Toto Wolff always expected Charles Leclerc to shine bright

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff insists he and his team were prepared for the strong performances from Charles Leclerc. So far, Leclerc is looking stronger than his experienced teammate Sebastian Vettel.

The man from Monaco is the closest Ferrari driver to the Mercedes duo and Wolff believes his threat was well known before Australia.

"I think we have always expected him to be a threat. He is in a great car and has the skills and the character to be very successful," Wolff said.

"It’s a challenge that we really enjoy. And I’m sure Valtteri and Lewis will enjoy. We want to fight against the best ones in the best machines."

Though rivals on the track, Wolff can't find a negative aspect in Leclerc after the two races so far this season. He expects the 21-year-old to go on and achieve great things in his career.

"In Leclerc, I think we’re seeing a young champion in the making who was the emotional winner. Fastest man and fastest machine. He has gotten all the cruel side of motor racing and it was our fortune," Wolff concluded his interview with f1i.

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