Ross Brawn thinks that the aero changes "seem to be working"

04-04-2019 17:09
by Louis Shaw
Ross Brawn thinks that the aero changes seem to be working

Ross Brawn believes that the new aerodynamic regulations "seem to be working" after the first two races of the season. The managing director said that he saw some encouraging signs after the Bahrain Grand Prix and that the cars seemed able to follow each other better. 

This year, new rules were brought in to try and aid the excitement of the sport. With more overtakes than last year and some brilliant passes in Bahrain, things are looking positive for Formula 1  

“The effect of the new aero rules began to be felt in Melbourne and it was even more apparent in Sakhir,” F1 managing director Brawn said to 

“The changes were introduced to improve the drivers’ ability to race closely and they seem to be working.

"I’d say that we are only seeing the first signs, encouraging ones at that, and they have made for interesting racing, especially in Bahrain.

"It’s not just down to the new rules, but the show we have seen in the first two races makes me feel optimistic about the rest of the season. In Shanghai, in just under two weeks, we’ll see if the improvement is repeated.”

More rules are to be implemented over the next few seasons to improve the sport even further. 

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