Verstappen says "Honda is on the right track to keep up with Ferrari and Mercedes"

04-04-2019 16:44
by Louis Shaw
Verstappen says Honda is on the right track to keep up with Ferrari and Mercedes

Max Verstappen has praised Honda for the engine they have produced and the work that they have put in so far this season. The Dutchman went as far to say that they are "on the right track" to catching up with Ferrari and Mercedes. Honda has surprised a lot of people with how well they have performed so early on in the season. 

Red Bull moved away from Renault for the 2019 season and so far the move has worked very well for them. The Renault engine has not looked too good so far this season with Carlos Sainz's engine blowing up in Australia and then both Renaults failing to finish in Bahrain. 

Verstappen believes that Honda is better and that the relationship suits Red Bull better. 

"Everyone is very motivated again," Verstappen said to Algemeen Dagblad. "In addition, Honda really gives everything. There is nothing that gets in the way or that causes a problem. It is difficult to connect with Ferrari and Mercedes, but they are on the right track.

"So far they have achieved everything and they deliver more than they promised. That's just very beautiful. At Honda, they are also realistic and not over-optimistic. That is also very important to me." 

Honda will hope to continue to push Ferrari and Mercedes and get on the podium frequently this season. 

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